Tree Care Guide

Looking after your real Christmas Tree

How to care for your tree through the festive season

We are passionate about our trees and want them to last long after the big day itself. 


Although we are very confident they will last, we do have a few foolproof tips to make sure your tree still looks fresh from the field on Christmas Day. Take a look at our Tree Care Guide below.



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Step 1

Pick A Stand

Make sure you have the correct size stand to fit your tree. We sell water holding stands that will support any size tree up to 10ft tall. These are the best type of stand to ensure your tree can get the water it needs to stay alive.

Step 2

Cut The Trunk

We recommend cutting 2cm off the trunk before you put your tree in it's stand. This allows the pores to open up and the water to be absorbed. We always offer to cut this off for you before we wrap your tree so you don't have to!

Step 3

Direct Heat

Remember that your trees are alive! They are being taken into your central heated homes from the cold that they are used too. If possible, we always recommend keeping your tree away from any direct heat source.

Step 4

Low Heat Lights

Something that people forget is the lights. Many Christmas tree lights give off heat when they are switched on which drys out the tree. This will also cause more needles to drop at a faster rate. Try to use lights that produce low heat to prevent your tree from drying out.

Step 5

Lots Of Water

Ensure you top your stand up with water every day. You will be surprised how much it needs! We recommend using hot water to help stop the build up of sap which prevents the tree absorbing water. Stir a little sugar into the hot water to give it a boost & keep it looking healthy.

Step 6

After Christmas

The worst bit - taking down your tree! Your trees will last after Christmas but we do recommend 

taking it down before all the needles start to go brown. This will make sure you don't have thousands of needles left all over your home 

when you try to carry it out. 

We love seeing your trees decorated in their new homes.

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